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Music score for film and media is fundamental to the production of any project.  However we cannot all have a top Hollywood composer, write our own scores or afford the high priced music in a box options that are available on the market.   At Capemedia UK Limited we wanted to create something unique and different that gave the soundtrack control back to the everyday director.  "Score Variations" offer something different.

Each theme pack is based on a familiar premise, Action, Epic, Horror etc and is designed to give you the tools so you can design the music for your project.

Each themed volume will come with a number of themed songs; within each themed song you will get a number of different mixes. You will of course get the original full length song but also the shorter alternative mixes.

Score Variations is extremely simple but very effective.

Step 1 - Edit your project using your prefered editing software

Step 2 - Import the mixes from your chosen theme, in this case - The "Covert" Theme

Step 3 - Select your chosen mix from the themed family and add to the Timeline

Step 4 - Due to how the themed family mixes have been developed, they allow the everyday director the flexibility to create their own unique soundtrack, copyright free.


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